Audio Versions

The Angry Women Museum

Synopsis: Who wouldn’t pay $2.00 for a tour of The Angry Women Museum?


Synopsis:  A street smart hustler scores.

Señorita, Oh Señorita

Synopsis: Quietly she cried for a bit then prayed that God might destroy Roberto and all Mexican boys by fire.

<Jeopardy Double

Synopsis: How did that creep get on Jeopardy, Alex?


Indian Agent

Synopsis: Indian Agent Amos Merriweather keeps the peace with tact, whiskey, and an understanding of human nature in a land of violence and hate. It’s a mystery short story – and a Western.


Synopsis: How many treaty violations does it take to make an Indian agent go native? The story is set during the American Civil War and is a sequel to another Western short story, “Indian Agent“.

The Short Life of a Galvanized Yahkee: A Tale of Desertion

Synopsis: President Lincoln’s offer of amnesty for rebel POW’s was like manna from heaven for Immelman until he met the Cheyenne. This story is also set during the American Civil War.


Listen to Sean Robertson from “Tales of Old” read the story.

Cowboy Right, Cowboy Left

Listen to Sean Robertson from “Tales of Old” read the story.

Worser and Worser
Listen to Sean Robertson from “Tales of Old” read the story.

Elephant Ramen

Synopsis: “Gentlemen, Ladies, allow me to begin. I must insist: no notes or recordings of this meeting. . .”
. . . a story about the world dealing with a post-nuclear famine.

Can You Come Here for Christmas?

Synopsis: An online chat room can be one hell of a lot of fun. Regardless of who you really are…
This short funny story is about an unexpected online trickster and online dating.

Bramble Monkey

Synopsis: As if the Depression weren’t enough, the seasoned daughter of a moonshiner must contend with rape… Coming of age story, set in the times of the Great Depression.

Through the Storm

Synopsis: A 12 year old French girl on her bicycle carries the fate of thousands with her. This very short short story is set in the times of the World War I.


Synopsis: Cowboy Poetry — Mighty handy, that piggin is…..Listen to Gary Ives read his recollection of how indispensable a piggin can be.