Slowly Becoming Sioux

Best of all for Krebs, the West was a place of anonymity, where whoever you were back East mattered not. Prince, pauper, war hero, coward, saint or rascal, nobody on the trail or grubbing in the dirt in some filthy mining camp gave a good goddamn who or what you were. The West was an answer to the horrors that had been the war and natural draw for the dreamers, the drifters, the respected, the lost souls, the dispossessed, the disrespected, the lawless, and the rogues, the perfect place to disappear. The misery of his youth and the feral nature of men at war had made Krebs anarchistic. Where else could he find such sanctuary.

“Slowly Becoming Sioux” has been published in the October 2020 issue of Frontier Tales. Follow the link to read

“Frontier Tales is an online magazine that “publishes short stories that deal with the raw edge, where civilization crashes into the frontier. That clash is where the action is . . . .”