Justice Infallible

let prosperity rule
Across the U.S. Europe, and China, predictive software is removing the human element from justice.
NYT, Feb 8, 2020

Beneath the huge banner embroidered in blue and gold that read “Let Prosperity Rule,” Vice Chairman Chase, with two sharp raps of the gavel, called the 2065 Plenary Session of the Americas Directorate to order.  Chairman Lehman then rose to the applause of the 150 Managers representing all districts encompassing North and South America.  The first item on the agenda was the Automated Justice System, the morning’s presentation containing statistics, then reports, from the resocialization colonies in Atacama, Dakota, and the San Ignatius Islands.

The Justice Manager-in-Chief took the podium and addressed the Managers using charts and images in support of his presentation.

The initiative for the Automated Justice System began 50 years ago during the old Trump Dynasty.  The Amalgamated Implementation, as it was called, led Russia, Europe, China and the American Republics to join, forming a linked planetary plutocracy of order and prosperity.  As in Asia and Europe, North and South American continents were denationalized and managed as a centrally controlled authoritative economic plutocracy called simply, The Directorate.

During this time, Artificial Intelligence had advanced sufficiently to monitor citizenry but on a limited basis, and without the ability to create the complete profiles now maintained.  Human judges, arrogant, biased, venal and so often corrupt were, thankfully, replaced by machine justice.  Without the human factors of error, bureaucracy, and corruption, justice became nearly perfect.  Sophisticated super algorithms gradually allowed integrating all phases of management and control.  The Universal Surveillance System eventually developed the platform which monitors economic and social behaviors of all individuals. After the Republic, the error-prone confusion of courts, trials, judges, juries, punishments, probation, parole and even an appeals system that had been the old judicial system was scrapped in favor of automated justice.  The simplicity of the system is unimpeachable.

Antisocial elements became easily identified, evaluated, and isolated automatically by the precise data management machines of universal facial recognition.  Replacement of the old cash system by Directorate Credits allowed monitoring of every financial transaction, small and large.  Plus, the coverage by over one-million Argos System Drones and an informer network that covered virtually every urban cell in our two continents added to the database.  This central control now manages justice accurately and economically.  With no human intervention, justice is automatic.  All this, Managers, has percolated nicely until the troubles this Spring.

The Directorate statistics show a drop in criminal activity every year since establishment of the relearning campuses.  Suspected deviants evaluated as antisocial are apprehended by security services and quickly transferred to the appropriate relearning campus, every stage of the process automatic.  In rare cases of apprehension of persons of wealth, that is to say our guardian class, protection is provided by the Social Credit Score.  High Social Credit Scores favorably mitigate one’s value to the whole.  One’s Social Credit Score continues to be based primarily on accumulated wealth.  Service to The Directorate, the police, military, or intelligence units may also enhance Social Credit Scores and cancel demerits avoiding apprehension.  Such cases are effected automatically.  The Directorate polls show 99.8% public approval of the system.

Recent riots at the relearning facilities have required immediate attention.  Atacama Center suffered extensive damage.  The Army of The Directorate suffered over 200 casualties; the administrative building was completely destroyed, as were the plastics factory, the shoe factory, and the military uniform plant.  Thirteen hundred anti-socials were necessarily put down by the automatic ricin activators installed for just such a riot, but we estimate some 3000 plus have escaped over the Andes into the Amazon basin utilizing hijacked Directorate transports.  Increased military and police resources are therefore immediately required.  

Though no objections were raised, most Managers chaffed at the diversion of still more capital to the security Managers’ accounts.  In truth, no Atacama Relearning Center composed of prison factories existed.  The Atacama Center, as were the Dakota and San Ignacio Island Centers quite brilliantly designed and built as organ harvesting facilities to provide the organs, bones, and tissues required by the aging Guardian Class.  This innovation advanced the average Guardian life expectancy to 124 years and improves each year as new procedures evolve from the experiments at the Dakota facility’s laboratories.  The Security Manager-in-Chief deemed this information to be maintained at a top-secret level, and indeed only a few Managers and trusted Military Managers are aware.

The Justice Manager ended the presentation stating, “In light of this riot, Defense Managers will again, necessarily increase police and military resources. Let Prosperity Rule!”

©Gary Ives February 2020